Hi there, so as you can see in my signature, i've got myself a nice setup going on, but concerning the pedals; i've had the crybaby for a fairly long time but haven't used it in a while, but i've just got myself a boss ns-2 and a maxon od808 (amazing pedal, a must have for metal imo) and I realise i'm gonna need to get myself a power supply which will power all these pedals at once for me (I have some mains dc adapters lying around but with the mains hum they give out, they're clearly not good for powering guitar pedals).

So, I want to make sure I get a power supply/pack which is preferably on the cheaper end of the scale, which is of a good quality (ie. minimal noise if any) and I don't reeeally want to spend any more than around £60-70. Oh and of course most importantly it needs to be compatible/work properly with these pedals:
Boss NS-2 (9v DC)
Crybaby (9v DC)
Maxon od808 (this is why i'm confused, in the manual it specifies either 9v battery or a 'special maxon AC adapter' or something along those lines ) so does that mean i'll need a power supply that gives at least one 9v AC output, or would 9v DC just work fine?

I've been looking at stuff similar to the 'Harvey Benton Powerplant junior', and also there's the 'T-Rex Fuel Tank junior' which is quite a bit more expensive, but not knowing much about power supplies/packs I hoped someone here could point me in the right direction as to what would do the job. Long post I know, but thanks in advance
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A few weeks ago, I would jump straight to it and say the Visual Sound 1-Spot Power supply with a 5 way daisy chain cable. However, I've notice recently that it also causes a lot of noise on high gain rigs (Well on mine it does anyway). Is there no way you can save up a little bit longer and get a Pedal Power II from Voodoo Lab or some sort of DC brick like that?

If its a no, then the 1-spot is something I would suggest on a low budget
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