I recently acquired a TeleStar guitar neck and I haven't found much information about it through online searches.

It is a bolt on style neck, with the truss rod adjustment at the base of the neck. It has a Zero-Fret style fretboard, and is in need of fret replacement, as the current frets are well worn and flattened from use. The Neck itself seems to be made from some kind of spectra-lam composite material. It has what looks to be the original vintage tuners in the headstock.

I am considering doing the fretwork, and building a body to go with this neck but I really don't have much to go on. I would like to know what the body style/shape was, and what kind of electronics it might have had.

Thank you for any help you can provide
What makes you so sure it's a composite material? It looks like a fine-grained wood that has been quarter-sawn to me.

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I rebuilt a Telestar a couple years ago. I have pics of it in my profile, along with a pic of a mint one i found on a website.
Basically a thinline Barney Kessel style.
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