Hey, anyone here play the doomy stoner stuff? Been looking to add to my collection, I see some of these SUNN amps that ive been seeing guys play at gigs and whatnot and they sound amazing. Anyone familiar with the solarus model? seems to be a couple of them online for a decent price. Just curious because i know alot of the guys prefer the beta super lead, and i dont know anyone who has personally owned or played one of these. thanks!

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i play through my friend's 69' solarus all the time, not a stoner amp persay, but can definitely get there with the right pedal. i was messing around with a big muff and super fuzz into it a few days ago and got quite a nice doom sound out of it. his breaks up kind of weird when cranked (vintage british mullard el34's in the power amp atm) i would definitely snap one up.