I'm in a jazz class where we learn how to improvise over chords. I listen to much more classical music than jazz and don't know where to start in finding a jazz guitar solo to transcribe by ear. I just need to transcribe 8 measures and then play it for my class. As long as its jazz, includes a guitar solo, and is reasonable to transcribe by ear, please give me your suggestion. Thanks!
Does it have to have been performed on guitar in the recording? 'cause Louis Armstrong has a ton of very simple but elegant solos, and they are jazzy as fuck.

If you don't use a pick much, try doing a Wes Montgomery solo - he played entirely with his thumb.

If your ears are real good, work out a Pat Metheny solo.

Grant Green is a solid, simple player. He also uses very little legato, which is unusual for the style.
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Ernest Ranglin might not be considered as jazz but his solos are jazz influenced and are funky/sexy as shit.

Doesn't ever get too out there. Its just feel.
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Does it have to be guitar? I find it fun and easy to transcribe Chet Baker songs, the vocal and trumpet melody and the underlying chords
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