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You bet your ass I scoop dose mids
14 11%
Pfft, everyone knows tone comes from da mids
83 63%
I put gain to 11 and mids to zero
10 8%
I don't even play guitar anymore.
25 19%
Voters: 132.
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No, I usually just eat the chips without the dip.
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Are you kidding? I scoop them so much that my balls hurt.

I still have no idea what scooping mids means
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as i walk through the chalet of the shadow of death
everything that you've come to expect

Are we still talking about icecream?
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

If I want to have a scooped sound I scoop the mids, if I don't I don't. Usually I play acoustic folk instruments or synth and so I don't use any equalizers anyway.
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Not at all. Maybe it sounds good on something like a Mesa Rec, but on all the amps I've had ('78 Marshall JMP 2203, '87 JCM800 2205, now a 1990 Carvin XV112 combo) it just makes everything sound thin and lifeless. It just doesn't work for me, but I don't play a ton of t3h br00talz these days.
When I was 12 and played a line 6 spider II, yeah I did that a lot
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Is it possible for 6 string guitar to tune lower than drop C and scales still work?
S'all About Dem Mids
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I wish I was American.

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In my honest opinion and experience I like to scoop mids, at least a little by half way, it packs a punch to your tone, depending on what your looking for.
I haven't said I was 15 because a friend of mine said it sounded like shit.

A few weeks later he started boosting his mids and treble up to 10 and his bass down to about 3 because 'dimebag, man'.
Scooping mids is about the most ******ed thing you can do.
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No, it sounds like shit when you do and besides the lack of bass is the one other flaw on the ...And Justice For All album. And somehow that album made that sound popular, uhg
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What happened to Snake?




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Isis is amazing
not unless im doing a really background kinda sound i have an eq pedal meant to boost volume and cut the mids abit but they never all the way out just to get the sound out of peoples faces
I scoop around the sides, I like the way the heat from my hand melts the ice cream into just the right consistency.
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This man speaks truth and has a beastly username.

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you are a beautiful person.
My mids are usually around 9 to 10 (out of a scale of 10).
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I crank the mids. Gotta get that djent tone.

This brutha knows
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I don't play much bass anymore these days but my tone is opposite of scooped mids.
I boost the treble and bass a bit so it has a similar eq curve with all the benifits but none o of the suck. Bass 6, mids like 5.2 and treble 7. But I can scoop to zero mids and because the turbo rat adds so much mids.
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My mids on my amp have been full for a long time, never touch it.
I always have the amp set Bass-3 Mids 10 Treble 4.
Although with my EMG DG-20 pickups there's two tone controls that I will play with. One controls bass/treble the other mids.
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Only when it's necessary, which is like, half the time.


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I tried scooping the mids once and I couldn't cut through a paper bag with a chainsaw. They don't drop below 8.

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Warned for trolling!

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It depends on way too many variables, such as what amp, what guitar, what tone etc

Usually I like a pretty middy tone, scoop it a little if I'm going for a metal rhythm, and scoop my cleans occasionally if I'm using bridge/middle pickups on my strat.

Also scoop them if I'm trying to get the sound a little less in your face and more of a background thing.

Occasionally I run my amp with bass/mid/treb all on full which does result in a bit of a scooped tone due to how the eq section works [marshall type eq]

With a lot of amps the position of the mids depends quite a lot on the position of the bass and treble.
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I usually keep my mids around "mid", but it really depends on the pickups and the guitar I'm using. I don't think I've ever went lower than 3, or higher than 7.
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This is terrible advice. Even worse than the useless dry, sarcastic comment I made.

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I do scoop my mids out because i hate my guitars sounding boxy and honkey, which is something everyone in UG seems to love as they are obsessed with post-rock. But before anyone cuts my head off, my guitar and my amp are very midrangey in their nature. There is still lots of midrange to cut through in a mix.

The reason i scoop out is to move the upper midrange spike of my amp into the lower midrange, because that's the sound i like.
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I used to, now I boost them.
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