Budget? - I'd like to no go over $400. I just want to get rid of the shitty Spider 6 that I've had for way too long (family member bought it for me when I began playing).

Here are some things I've been looking at: http://www.zzounds.com/prodsearch?pa=30&cat=2591&cat2=&ob=pop&rl=150&rh=400&instock=0&instock=1&blowouts=0&filter=see+results&q=&form=search

Genres? - Indie rock, some Hendrix. Silversun Pickups and Bloc Party. I'd like versatility. I don't play any metal right now, but I'm open to it.

New or Used? - Doesn't matter. I plan to buy online, through zzsounds.com, most likely.

Home or Gig? - Home, but being able to play with a semi-loud drummer friend would nice. Getting loud and still sounding nice would be sick.

Closest City? - I'm in San Angelo, TX, but like I said, I'm almost 100% going to buying online and having it shipped, so it doesn't matter.

Current Gear? - My uncle makes guitars from scratch. Pics here.

I plan on buying a Line 6 POD HD500 Multi-Effects Pedal to go with this.
If you can find a Peavey JSX combo, or a Peavey Ultra Plus combo for ~$300-400, snatch it up. I'm playing through a Ultra Plus head, got it for $225, and I LOVE IT. Awesome cleans, awesome crunch channel, awesome ultra channel.
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Yamaha thr10!!!! Trust me, I use my yamaha more than my 800 blackstar tube amp. Kick ass tones on that amp for such a small and cheap amp. Can't find a better amp for the price and it's louder than you'd think. I've jammed with multiple people with it and had no problems hearing myself over two other guitars and a drummer, everyone that have heard me use it think it's a bad ass amp
It's got a really sick Hendrix clean by the way if you know how to set it up, and once you have it set up you can save it to a preset, bottom line, the yamaha amp will get all of the tones of the other amps on that first page and it has built in effects to add to them
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I'd go for a used Peavey Classic 30 112 - goes for ~$300.

Either this or a Traynor YCV20. Both really nice amps.
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Bugera 333. Cheaprer than a JSX (which are $550 or more used), with the same controls. 3 channels with independent controls.
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Bugera 333. Cheaprer than a JSX (which are $550 or more used), with the same controls. 3 channels with independent controls.

All of my NO for that amp, sounds absolutly nothing like a jsx and hums like an absolute mother****er on all of its channels rendering it completely useless. I say classic 30, blue voodoo or valveking.
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i think blue voodoo (have one and modded it recently) and had a VK100 head, for probably a year, it was a solid amp. an OD and 10 band and a dummy jack do quite a bit for it.

IMHO i think that some don't like it are people because of the people who think since its peavey and tube, they are going to get good 6505+ tone out of it. if you are expecting that, you WILL be disappointed.

but the VK is a good two channel all around rock/blues amp. it can get to some metal, but.

the blue voodoo i modded turned out to be a little bright for my tastes, but once you get it up past noon it sounds pretty good. i may be selling the BV, because i have a lot of other amps, and don't have much space left anymore.

either way +/- $250 for amp and you can find any cab for a starter cab. hell the blue voodoo blue colored cab is V30 loaded. you can often find them for less than $200
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I love how he's mostly asking for home use and you're all suggesting big, heavy gigging amps... The THR10 would be my pick for practicing at home, I love those little ****ers.

I highly recommend finding a Line6 Flextone. Awesome even at low volume and pretty lightweight, but with tons of power for gigging. The amp is basically a POD with speakers, so you wouldn't even need to buy the HD500 to go with!

There are several on Craigslist near you (a Flextone 2 for $80 in Austin and a Flex 3 for $120 in Kyle).
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I love how he's mostly asking for home use and you're all suggesting big, heavy gigging amps... The THR10 would be my pick for practicing at home, I love those little ****ers.
To be fair, he did say jamming with a drummer and therefore really needs a gigging amp.
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I agree with kyle62. a flextone 3 is an awsome amp on its own even the effects are good . You could also just use the power stage of the amp and use the pod hd through the effects loop and dummy jack the input . it also has a sweet direct out for recording. I use a m audio uno midi cable to also download tones from customtones.com