As some of you may know, I was looking at a Blacktop Tele. Well, funny story. I go to the guys house and check it out. Its in mint condition but I ended up passing on it. I get to BSing with the guy and I gather he has a band. So I say, do you guys play out much or just for fun? Turns out its the drummer from Story of the Year trying to sell this guitar, I thought it was funny though.

But, that isn't why we're here, this is why:

Hmm, I suppose its a Jackson....

MIJ you say? Sounds good to me

Ooo, transamber, shmexy.

O, I see, an MIJ hardtail dinky, sweet.

No idea what the exact model is, but its obviously a jackson dinky of some sort, hardtail, with duncan design pups. Its in pretty much perfect shape besides the volume pot being scratchy. Set up well, plays like a dream. Neck is flat and fast, like most jacksons. I'll be taking it by the guitar shop and have a bone nut put on it, then it'll be pretty much perfect. Once I have an amp I'll switch up the pups and the rest of the electronics.

Overall, a pretty sweet guitar and I think I did good for 260$ out the door, what do you guys think?
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Cool! HNGD.

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Sweet guitar man. HNGD!


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Wow that is different from a tele !

I love my Jackson's.

No doubt, but I saw the price tag and knew dinkys were well regarded. I saw the made in japan and knew I had something pretty decent on my hands here. Got to playing it and I started to really fall in love with it. I'm not huge on thin necks, but this one plays great, just takes some getting used to.

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Cool! HNGD.

I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Nice to see a trans finish without a flamed or quilt top! HNGD!
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