I was outside Lidl holding my friend's dogs and; I couldn't help but notice the cars parked in the car park were only silver or black with acouple of white and blue ones... I could see the main road that this Lidl was on, busses, traffic, all that; Silver and black cars and white cars and blue and the odd red or green one.
I noticed it again, today, just a bunch of silver cars with the odd blue or black or white one.
That is so depressing, I actually saw a yellow car today!

That was a nice change, I'm not a car owner, but if I were, IDK what colour I'd get it in but it's kind of depressing seeing cars with the same colours everywhere.

I also saw a siilver Mercedes C Class today that had a black back door; That looked kind of cool but did make me chuckle.

I think silver seems to be fashion, like, car fashion, and the hot colours right now are silver and black, or blue, or white.

Anyone else notice this, where ever you are in the world?
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I live in the desert, so a majority of cars are white out of necessity.
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No wants a stupid ass colored car that will make it impossible to sell.

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I heartily agree as have I observed this phenomenon myself on occasion.

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Sounds like you live in a boring ****ing place then.

There are so many different paintjobs on cars where I live you would think you had walked into a live action Midnight Club game.
I'm glad it's not just me who's noticed this.

Reminds me of that scene in Pet Shop (1995) as this family placed somewhere out in the desert under witness protection when they see that every house has the same car and the same colour this and that; It reminds me of that.

What WCPhils posted about the resale thing and, no one wants to buy a car with a stupid colour so they're harder to sell on; I didn't think about that when I made my OP.
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tl:dr, but somehow i knew this was a trebor thread from reading the first three words of the thread title
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Here its a matter of cop camo. It is really depressing I am tired of looking at ugly silver cars.
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I wouldn't say that the colors are getting "boring", but I have noticed that black/silver has kind of become the standard car colors in the last few years. You don't see as many greens, blues, reds or other colors that seemed to be much more popular a decade or 2 ago.

I don't think it's a personal thing, I think it's just what the car companies keep doing and nobody wants to by a car and then spend a few hundred or thousand on a new paint job so they stick with what the companies sell.
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Here it's definitely for resale value. Owning a car is so expensive here that barely anyone buys cheap cars, so why would you make your super money car look less classy by painting it a weird color

Basically only silver black white and champagne are acceptable for really nice cars (unless it's a Ferrari or Lambo or something in which case red yellow and maybe orange/purple are okay.)

If your car is any other color it's probably shit or you just made a really bad decision
I feel that silver, blue, and black are the best paint for vehicles. Hot colors come off as too flashy. Especially yellow, can't stand that.
i dont like you colors anyways
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what's wrong with lidl?
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what's wrong with lidl?


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