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So, my long beloved guitar, without telling anyone prior, has had a sex reassignment.

This guitar (who I endearingly named 'Jimmy') has been in my friend's (heated) garage for a few months now, since I have bought a far superior guitar.

And upon returning to this garage to reunite my old friend with its superior brother, I was shocked to find the sticky letters that once proudly spelled 'JIMMY' on the guitar case now clearly read 'I AMY', as the 'J' and the first line in the first letter 'M' have fallen off.

Here's the problem: I love this guitar like a brother, and I support its decision. Amy must have put quite a bit of thought into this decision and I respect Amy now more than I ever have before.

But sometimes, it seems that my old friend has totally changed. Sometimes, when I look at Amy's body, I don't even recognize my companion anymore. How can I stay close to one that has transformed so much?

Wat do ;_;?
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Just fix the letters and force amy into a pre op situation.
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Just fix the letters and force amy into a pre op situation.

But I don't think that'll bring back Jimmy it'll just be like a JAmmy that has all the bad qualities of Jimmy and Amy and none of the good
just use Mr. farSuperiorguitar and forget about that other monstrosity
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Originally Posted by Shirate
The guitar, the only beautiful female that looks better with the top ON haha

You need to come to terms with the fact that Amy isn't a new pers- guitar now. It's okay to have the conflicting feelings (confusion, arousement, etc.) you do in these kinds of situations. The best thing to do is to go have a nice conversation with Amy and let her know how you feel and how her new appearance is somewhat distracting for you.

I'm sure you'll find that deep down inside Amy is just the same as she's always been, she's just missing a few extra bits that probably needed to fall off anyway.
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You need a hug, my friend.

Just sit down with Amy, tell her how you fell and about your confusion and ask her if she has any advice to offer you. Ask her to forgive you if you thibk of her as Jimmy accidentally every now and then, and explain to her that you don't think any less of her because she is a she. Other than this, I don't know what else to tell you, Tom.

Or you could always ask her out.
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Let Amy know that you still love her for her. Even if she used to be a he, she is now a she.
I'm sorry bro, but this is probably your own fault. You isolated Jimmy, so he felt the need to change. I guess he thought that, in becoming a girl, he would win your acceptance.
Not great its awesome and i know what kind of effort required to go through such things.
Your friend's garage sounds like a disgusting place if it forces letters to fall of your guitarcase.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

Put a new G String on Amy and pound the hell out of her.
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well, maybe Amy's more comfortable by having a cable stuck up her hole than when she was Jimmy and got it in what was then the other hole
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Well obviously. It's still gay to touch your guitar's whammy bar even if it is female.
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On the bright side you can put pretty dresses on your guitar now
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