Hi! Im about to buy a new strat, and i dont really like the standart one. I love strats with reversed headstocks.
So, i found one in store. Its cream white Strat 68' with reversed headstock. But its made in Mexico. Year 2007-2008. Also its used.
Is it worth to buy one? Becouse, i heard they are rare guitars, not sure about MIM's.
Price is around 280-299£.
So, is it worth to buy or not? I really love how it looks like, is it really rare guitar?
I hope you help me guys, with your advice!
Price sounds about right for a second hand MIM, if its in good condition.

The questions you're asking suggest you haven't played it... I would stop worrying about how "rare" it is (not very, and even if it was, its a MIM so who cares) and get to know it.

Nobody else can tell you if you should buy it.
Well, im worried about price and quality. I really want good guitar, becouse, i already have les paul, so im looking for something new. And i just want to know, is it good deal or what
But what about MIM - i mean, those "limited" guitars, are they good? Sound etc, tremolo system?
Mexican Strats are good guitars. It's not very rare as such unfortunately.

Buy it!
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Go ahead and spend your money, I don't care. It won't make you sound better.

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Sure upgrading your gear will make you sound better.

MIM aren't THAT bad quality wise, i have a MIM strat and love it to bits!
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