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Its not a bad effort and youve connected the various phrases together in a reasonable way. Youve got a long way to go...though if you work at it theres nothing stopping you becoming a really good player....As regards to writing/composition, its seems to me its a bit like telling a story, the next phrase relates to the last or at least must be connected to the overall feel ...here and there add a bit of drama, tension, crescendo or maybe just give it a relaxed vibe, but try and "say" something.....I know its easy to say these things but in reality to achieve them you have to become a much better player and really try to understand that fretboard. Also, try to bring out a bit richer "tonal colour" from your guitar and amp set up. Ive been playing for years and still feel ive got the "L" plates firmly attached...it seems there is allways more to learn, so you have to keep pushing your boundries and really work at it...dont waste too much time messing around aimlessly.... know that fretboard blindfolded!!

thanks for your feedback!

yeah, i know what you mean about the "storytelling", i'll keep that in mind in the future!

but what exactly do you mean by "knowing the fretboard"? if you mean to simply know the notes all around it, i'd say i'm pretty comfortable with that, but i suspect you meant something else?

thanks again