Hey guys,

Something radically different to what I would normally do; folk-pop.

Meant to be a wholly ironic stab at modern folk-pop music, lyrics are up on the song link.

Just looking for overall tips on production/performance as usual, crit my stuff and leave a link so I can crit you back or I'll just find whatever I can to return the crit!

Nice song, irony is always good when is sings in the language of the "target".
On the overall, great production, liked these banjo sections and vocals. Best part for me was the solo after the first chorus, really surprising.
I really like what I think is a banjo in the background? Not sure, but it sounds really nice. I do agree with the above poster that the vocals volume is a bit low. You have a nice voice though, especially for this stuff. Lyrics are pretty simple, but they work well for this pop-oriented song. Song reminds me a bit of Yo La Tengo's Fakebook album type stuff.
Production was pretty good throughout, sounded pretty professional. Not really sure how I feel about the end of the song with the vocal only stuff, i think having a simple drum beat with you might have sounded a bit better.

Overall, this song is pretty good for the genre. I can't really complain about much here.
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