Hey, what you thoughts about them? I'm attending to their concert in two weeks and I'm pretty excited. Anyone here have seem their live performances?
I haven't seen them live but I never hear too many people say they don't sound good live.

I think they're pretty good, their older stuff especially. Thickfreakness/Magic Potion era was the best. The newer material isn't as raw but it's still good. I'd love to see them.
They were amazing when they played at the O2 - I saw them last December.
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I've seen them live in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Absolutely amazing, best performance I've ever seen from them. Lately they've been sounding really good live.
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I saw them live in an arena. They were good. Their opening act (Arctic Monkeys) were even better. I do wish I'd brought my foam earplugs. I had the Hearos "Rock'n'Roll" plugs in, but they're about 10dB less attenuation than the foamies, IIRC. The concert was fricken loud. Maybe it's because I was about 30 rows up and in the back, whereas I'm used to being in the pit just a few feet in front of the stage--maybe the PA speaker arrays project better up there than so close to the stage.
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I've never seen them live
I'm sure they'll rock the house though from what videos I've seen.
I've seen them twice and they've been amazing each time. You're in for a good show!
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I'm a big fan of The Black Keys. I've never seen 'em live but I hear they have a big sound. Enjoy!
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