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Hi UG.
I've wanted for a long time to record a bass cover video, but I don't know anything about how to do it. I have an Audigy SE audiocard, bass guitar, Adapter 3.5 with 6.3 female. I tried using line-in, and mic jack, but I've encountered quite a lot of problems. First of all, my line-in sounds only from left speaker and rather weak. If I use mic input, it is better, but the recorded sound is worse in quality than actual sound from speakers. On some tries in Audacity I get looping overlapping sound, because i think it records both what I play and what comes from speakers. On other tries there is delay. My head really hurts, I just want to make covers like everybody else. Please help!
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You need an interface, go to the sticky.

The mic input is NOT designed to do what you're trying to make it do.
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