I'm doing a refret and the neck radius of my guitar is 13.750. I seen these 14" radius blocks I could use in the event I needed to skim the tops after the refret. I realize the blocks are actually made for doing the neck but I'd feel more comfortable using it rather than a flat block. Would there be any drawbacks to using the radius block opposed to the flat block and do you think the 14" radius is close enough to use for this.
Thanks for the feedback!
I wouldn't even attempt to do the radius using a flat block. But since you're trying to keep the same radius, you technically don't need to do the radius, unless you just want to sand away the chip-out. A long flat bar with some sand paper on it can be used to make sure the fretboard doesn't have any high or low spots by using it to sand the length of the fretboard, gradually moving back and forth across it. This will allow you to keep the radius and level the fretboard. But I wouldn't advise using that method to sand the fretboard down to remove chip-out. However, I do recommend you use that method after using a radius'd sanding block, just to make sure everything is level.
Thanks fellas. This is my first refret and so far so good. The wire was badly divoted from the 1 to 5th frets on the lower strings so I decided to do the whole board.
The wire I took out is .096 wide by .055 high. I was looking at replacing it with either .100 or .110 wide by .053 high with the tang being .074. The slots have a depth of almost .100 so there should be plenty of room for it. The tang on the wire I took out was .060.
Has anyone used the StewMac .110 wide? Any benefits and/ or disadvantages to going with the wider wire?
Or has anyone used their pyramid wide?
Thanks again