I have a few rough demos my band and I did a long time ago.
I was wondering if you guys kept things like that.
Keeping recordings is kind of like old photo albums. You don't remember why in that particular moment someone decided to take a picture, but your glad they did.

I think all of you guys should record a demo album of at least 3 songs of yourself, even if you never plan on sending it in or showing it to anybody. Just having a marker in your history book might bring joy to you later on in life.

Since a lot of musicianship gets lost in the pit of guitar players, since most of us are immature ass's. But seriously, I'd like your opinions on listening to yourself a year ago or maybe even 10 years ago.
I have a bunch of stuff from the past, oldest being about 5 years old. I like listening back to it, its nice to be able to outline your musical journey with recordings
I have plenty of old recordings. I like to hear how far I've come, and how far I yet have to go.
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I did... and then I deleted them because they where to awful, once my band gets some consistency going then I'll start keeping them.
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I have some recordings that we did a year ago with our band. It's funny to hear how much better we are now than we were then. Most of them sound awful when compared to how we play the same songs now. They have some good parts but we are out of tune and stuff. Back then I remember that they sounded so awesome. But now I just facepalm at some things we did.

Oh, and I have also listened to my oldest recordings that are three years old. They sound terrible, I was completely out of tempo and tune. You just hear how much you have improved when you listen to the old recordings.
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My original recordings from the early-mid 90's when I bought my first Tascam Portastudio cassette 4-track don't exist anymore, but my stuff from the late 90s/early 2000s is on my profile here:

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I have hundreds if not thousands of hours of recordings dating back to the time my computer crashed and I lost most of the stuff I had at that stage.

Of those recordings I have listened back to maybe 1/3 of it, skimmed through another third of it, and the other third I have never listened back on.

Of the third I have listened to it's probably only about a third of it that I have listened to again.

Despite my habit of not listnening back to much of the stuff I've done before I still keep it. - Though I'm not really all that sure why.
Yessir. It's quite fun to see how I've progressed...actually I haven't gotten much better. But it's still fun in an embarrassing sort of way.


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I found some stuff on tape from 1987, when I was 16, recently, including the first song I wrote.
I still have some odd recordings from my 4-track cassette days in the late '80's too. Good times. LOL. One song where I actually owned a drum kit for a while, so the song has me playing all the instruments and singing. I was a terrible drummer, and an even worse singer - and my recording skills were pretty rudimentary also. It's mostly pretty embarrassing, but fun to pull out from time to time.

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I have a lot of old recordings that I did on an old Roland VS 1880 from back about 12 years ago. When I would finish burning them to a CD, I would take them out to my car to listen to how they sounded. I'd leave them in the center console when I was finished.

About a month ago, I drove across the country from San Diego to Virginia, and when I ran out of radio stations to listen to along the way or in remote parts of Texas, I dug in the center console and starting popping in those CDs (Yes, I still have the same car after all this time).

Amazingly, some of them sounded pretty good, while others I was cringing. Nonetheless, I am glad that I have still have them, and I agree, its fun to look back.
The glories of tape... mine go swoooooosh shwiiiiiiiiiiish. Awesome phaser effect. I listen to it when I find it.. very experimental and a reminder to stay away from red sharkfins/sharkfins in general. Shredtastic. Good God, I still have stuff from my stint at Boy's Town about '93. I always wanted to be a vocalist just like Axl. I never pursued that flawed dream and thankfully the tape has creme soda all over it so barely playable. Woohoo!!! There is NO blackmail material left!!! Well, maybe gotta get rid of some photo's.... n stuff.

The creme soda tape happens to have my first song on it too... was about fifteen minutes cos short songs were for pussies. Plinkety plink plonk TWWWAAAAANNNG! Lots of Csus2 (which I magically found after trying to play G, and henceforth copyrighted a day later... pay me suckers. Now!!) Strummedy strum strum... more complexity than an opeth song cos I refused to play in 4/4.. that was for rehtards.
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