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I meant the DZL amp setting. lol I think if I can figure out the presets on the pedal I can save them for each song I play. Would save alot of time to have them stored. I don't have a manual for the samperaII as I bought it used through GC. Seems it is discontinued. I appreciate your help
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Quote by outlawten5
I don't have a manual for the samperaII as I bought it used through GC.

Google's a thing.
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It sure is. lol I googled the vyper forums and have been playing for the last 3 hours
Funny, I forgot about having read this thread before and checked it out. After reading a few posts, I was thinking TS might just need to grab a Sanpera II and dial in a few presets. Looks like that's the direction he went.

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I have heard using a MIDI pedal can fix the volume jump betwen ch1 and 2. Might be something to look at

Wait...whut?? MIDI? I dunno how that could work. You can't control the...hmmm...

You might be talking about what I'm doing actually. I have a Line 6 M5 last in the FX loop. What I'm trying to do is have the M5 kick on as an EQ pedal at the same time the channel changes. It should be pretty easy. I have an M13 that I can use as a master controller. I change scenes (presets) on the M13 and it changes the M5 and the amp at the same time.

At least that's the goal. The M5 doesn't seem to send a message when its preset change is caused by an incoming MIDI message, so just daisy-chaining isn't working. I may need a 1-in-2-out MIDI thru box. That's a simple, easy solution. If GC has them in stock I should have it sorted by the end of the day.

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