I have a Korg AW2G it has a built in mic and detects vibrations anyway my question is do i need my electric guitar pluged in to the amp or can i tune it with the amp off?
well does the mic pick up the sound of the guitar when its not connected to the amp?if it does then you dont need to plug into the amp.
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You don't have to be plugged in, it detects the vibrations of the guitar itself.

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I have one of those tuners you plug into the guitar, I think it's a Korg. It works great and you don't need to plug into the amp or anything.
Clip on tuners detect the vibrations it will make no difference whether or not the amp is on
Does a clip-on tuner pickup other vibrations like in a noisy gig/studio/concert? That's what I think though. That's why I don't use clip-on tuners for gigs. IMO