Alright guys.

I'm going to be buying a wah pedal soon and I am having real trouble choosing between the vox and the cry baby. I was always under the impression that Hendrix used a cry baby, but was watching his Woodstock concert and noticed a vox wah which really surprised me.

I have watched a lot of demos on the pedals and they sound very similar to me, so any advice is greatly appreciated.

Here is some context:

- I will be using a proco rat pedal along with the wah so I don't know if this makes a difference in choosing the pedal

- I use a Telecaster (not sure if this is relevant but I presume different wahs could maybe be better for single coils or humbuckers)

- I will solely be playing Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic and Frank Zappa songs with the pedal

- I can only afford a basic cry baby or a Vox V847. I know that more expensive wahs may sound better but please don't recommend them as they are out of my price range.

Test them both and decide whatever you like best and feel best about.
I use a Vox wah myself and prefer it over a regular Crybaby, but loads of people will disagree and tell you to get the Dunlop.

They're both good and sturdy.
For what it is worth, he used a Vox in the beginning. Take all wags for a test drive that you can, like was said above.
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I use a Morley PWA (which I bought mainly because of the switching arrangement) and it pulls off a quite acceptable Hendrix tone even though it is an entirely different circuit to what he used. Quite frankly, unless you are running a Plexi you're going to be miles away from his tone anyway so a slight variation in tone due to the wah is insignificant. My Morley through my JTM45 halfstack is going to be a lot closer than a Vox through an MG. Concentrate on the right base sound (ie amp and guitar) before stressing over getting the right pedal.
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I own a Vox wah which I would recommend, but I rarely ever use even though I play a lot of psychedelic material lol. Test them out and see which one you like best. IMO vox wahs seem to have a richer wah than crybaby's.

Edit: I forgot to add that SRV had a prized Vox V846 that he somehow got from Hendrix. Forgot the back story.
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fulltone clyde IIRC i paid $90~ from TGP

really nice feel, and has a much longer sweep than anything else i have played. the deluxe model has quite a few more features, but i am happy with my clyde. it handles the hendrix stuff well and even more modern tones. i also think there is an adjuster in there that changes something, but i have been happy with mine.

or look for a RMC

they are both more expensive, but IMO they are worth it.

+1 to the person who said to pick up a basic crybaby ($30) and sell it for the same a little while down the line.
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