Iv had this thought on my mind for a while now. Iv looked it up but only find people asking what colors they should get, or where to get bobbin toppers for their existing pickups.

So, what started the "craze" of colored pickups? What's the backstory?
It probably can be traced back to the big shredders of the 1980s and their taste for day-glow guitars & accessories- which Ibanez and some other big brands capitalized upon- and which is enjoying a revival these days.
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Some people think things look nice in one colour. Other people think they look nice in another.

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Why does anyone care about any colour to begin with?
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The eighties. Coke, big hair, and pink guitars. And big hair.

And coke.
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I believe Mighty Mite offered a few pickups with odd-colored coil bobbins back in the late 1970s, so the backstory is almost certainly...weed. Most strangeness in the music biz from those days has its roots in weed. Probably a couple of guys in the plastics moulding department cranked up a serious joint, and in no time at all started dropping things into the plastic mix. Someone in management - himself high as a kite - decided it looked cool and ran with it.

I suspect that some thoroughly baked forum dweller will flesh that story out and make it interesting. That's how legends get started, after all.
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