I couldn't figure out where to put this guy... Doesn't really fit any of the sub-genres, at least to me (and nothing came up for search). Sorry, if anyone thinks he could go somewhere else better.

I accidentally discovered this guy while looking up bass tapping songs (because that's the stuff I geek out on when I can't sleep at one in the morning), and holy mother of beautiful music was I blown away (and let's face it, with no one around I needed to share it). The first song I saw was a full arrangement with a bass tapping melody but his others are solo (guitar) 8-string tapping which are just amazing.
[forbidden link]

[forbidden link]

[forbidden link] (It gets especially awesome 30 or so seconds in)

He even has a more conventional metal song or two, but I'll leave you guys to find the rest of his stuff so I don't just post all of it. What do you think, anyone else heard of him?