hey all first time in this thread have to say like the place,very clean

anyhew i decided to replace the strings on my classical (6 years might treat the old girl to her first set of new strings) anyway can i use the ball end ones with it. the stock ones on it are thatwidy knot thing that id like to learn how to do but i brought the ball ends just incase i can use them instead. and yes there classical strings nylon and silver wound.
thanks all
I have read that the balls can break easily (pun intended). If you have already bought the ball end strings you should use them with the balls on. When/if they break off, just learn how to tie the knot and reattach them. It isn't that hard, and there are a ton of youtube videos on the subject:
Yeah, I find it's purely cosmetic in most cases. But damn, it looks good!
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thanks guyz. in the end i measured them to see if i can snip the ball ends off(for the first 3 nylon strings it was basically a knot with a rubber end on it) and checked a few tutorials on how to tie them. easy enough and looks good