We've had this out for a while but I'd thought I'd post it here to get us out there a bit more. New Paradigm is an Progressive metalcore band from Adelaide Australia. Also linked a mix of our upcoming album for anyone interested.



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Thankyou and enjoy!
it's not that he's flat, the pitch wasn't that bad, but he has an overall weak voice. It really is a terrible singing style. Every singer I've ever heard do it sounds either whiny or weak. Mostly both though.

and since everybody on this site seems to think I'm a 'troll': this is just no good at all
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Honestly, We'd searched high and low for a singer and couldn't find one in our city that suited our style, so our keyboardist decided to do it himself so we could actually get things underway. We're open to getting a standalone singer but there really isn't anyone we know who can do it so....