Hi guys,
at the end of 2011 I have started an instrumental rock/metal project "The Soft Shades" (I'm not sure about proper genre of this music, if you have any suggestion, please, write it in comment). This March I have finished all mixing and mastering of debut album "of August" - 8 instrumental tracks, with atmospheric bright sound. 3 of them are available on bandcamp:

The Soft Shades Bandcamp

Listen and drop me a line.
Now I'm looking for a label.

Thanks for your attention!
The ebow or whatever it is in Summer Grunge at ~1:30 is way too loud and a bit harsh on the ears. Not that the playing is bad, but sonically it is screechy to me. I'd try eq'ing out some of the highs and probably just lowering the level to make it sit better in the mix

Other than that, I liked it. I gotta say though, i was waiting for the vocals to kick in!