I've ditched my plan to build from scratch, so plan B is a partscaster Tele.

Is the cost (Time, money) worth it in the long run?

Is it difficult to find certain parts without ordering from warmoth, allparts, or guitar fetish?

Is there crucial information that i must know before I begin?
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Ebay it up man! ive built PLENTY of guitars by ordering parts from there. Price out what you EXACTLY want, and go from there. Your budget will significantly reflect the quality of the instrument you produce. Not that you cant make an AWESOME sounding and playing guitar for a low price, but if you decide to go with the cheap parts, it will be extremely apparent in your tone and playability. And when those go, so will the time that you'll want to spend behind the neck. Ive put together some awesome par-o-casters for $300. Be patient, and you'll find everything you need to put together an awesome axe!
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It really depends on what you're after. If all you're doing is putting together a standard Tele—ash body, two single coil pickups, maple neck, etc—then there's no point. It's typically cheaper (or certainly no more expensive) to just buy a normal Fender, G&L or whatever.

You go for parts builds when there is not a production model that has the core spec you want (not including things like pickup swaps which are an easy enough to do to a regular guitar ayway). Different bridge types, different scale length, unusual wood, that sort of thing.

As for ease and cost, you get what you pay for. You can buy standard Fender parts on eBay and it will cost a medium amount and they will be, well, of standard quality. You can also pick up no-name copy parts which are typically churned out in China, cost very little but also aren't going to be made of such nice wood and the necks usually require more work. Then you've got your companies like USACG, Musikraft, SimS and Warmoth which make parts on par with Fender American Standard, but with more options; the drawback here is the higher cost and longer wait as parts are made to order.

Personally, I see only two options really being worth while. Want a fairly normal guitar? Just buy a production guitar. Want something with an unusual spec? Hit up Warmoth for bodies and Musikraft for necks.
Partsbuilds made with cheap parts are a false economy; you're going through extra effort, time and cost to end up with something that isn't as good as a common Fender. Going to the expensive companies for reuglar parts is pointless; Fender already do those sorts of guitars at a rate that allows them to set prices lower. Save up, if need be, and go to the good companies.

Do bear in mind that even if ou buy premium parts from the top parts companies, the guitar can still turn out to be trash. If you don't know what you're doing or if you simply order one thing which you think you'll like but then it turns out in practice you don't like, the guitar will seem crap and be a big waste of money and time. Only do parts builds if you really know what you're doing and what to expect out of it. Generally my rule is "if you have to ask, don't do it".
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