Just been jammin to an idea I've been working on and built this track up.
Drums and Bass line took around two weeks to be where I wanted them to be and beefed out the rest today on guitar.
Ain't sure what genre you'd call it, Alt Rock I guess.
I think it has a bit of a swing to it good for some positive good time vocals. the chorus seem to have a cool atmosphere to it.

the layout goes like this.

0:00 Intro
0:10 verse 1
0:32 Chorus
0:54 Break/fill
1:01 Verse 2
1:23 Chorus
1:45 second break/fill
1:50 middle eight
2:33 verse 3
2:55 Chorus
3:16 outro, this is a double length intro. Could have a short lead in the last repeat.

I'd like to hear some thoughts and comments on this one. Even if you think it sucks tell me all feedback is good feedback imo.

Quote by WaltTheWerewolf
I love the ideas going here, the Guitars song great, Nice playing and all, but the drums seem overly compressed.

Thanks man.