Hi guys Just wanted to say hello from Poland. I'm playing about 4 years and now i got an Epi SG prophecy EX. I'm 18 years old. Nice to meet'ya all
Witam! Practice consistently, play hard, and have fun.
Do read the forum descriptions if you plan on sticking around, and people are usually told to use this thread ( https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=794605 ) to introduce themselves rather than creating their own.
But boys will be boys and girls have those eyes
that'll cut you to ribbons, sometimes
and all you can do is just wait by the moon
and bleed if it's what she says you ought to do
To The World I Am A Stranger, To A Stranger I Am A Possible Serial Killer

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You guys are so funny xD xoxo <3

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Well a human can't sing an Em since that's a chord

If you mean Eb3/E3, then that is a contralto voice.