We present you our application in making named WEGuitarChords, being developed in association with http://whichelectricguitar.com. Our purpose is to make a free application for finding guitar chords that is easy to use, works quick and does not confuse people by offering to many chords, that are rarely used and listed in a completely unordered way. The less clicks to find a chord, the better is what we are trying to stick with. In order to avoid an unwanted scenario of such kind, we decided to ask you all to tell us what you think. So, feel confident to share your opinion, your suggestions, your … whatever it may take to help us satisfy people's needs. We'll appreciate it.

You can access the application on the following address: http://whichelectricguitar.com/chords

WEG Team
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I love your app. It is great. But I would like to see a different mouse cursor when I'm dragging the left knob - like the one that appears when you click on the link (small hand).

Great job!
Thank you for your feedback. We'll definitely take your suggestion in consideration.

WEG Team
UG's guitar app provides a chord library that gives instant access to whatever chord you want to play and shows you where to play it. While I support competition and encourage you to continue with your development I am closing this thread on the grounds that you can't use UG resources/forums to assist in the develolpment of what would result in a directly competitive product.