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So I'm looking at the Eastwood Sidejack Deluxe on the eastwood website and think it's pretty cool, but I don't know much about it. I've heard that the quality of these guitars are pretty good, but what about the Trem system? I'm mostly looking at this guitar because of the Jazzmaster style trem since lefty jazzmasters are impossible to find and cost a pretty penny. I also like the sound of p90 pickups through fuzz boxes, so it's a win-win.... I'm still wondering about the trem

Does anyone have experience with this guitar or Eastwood guitars in general? I'd really like to know.

Danke sehr
The Eastwoods I've played have been quite nice, I used to have the Airline 3P DLX and only sold it because I was making such a ridiculous profit with it. The Sidejack looks pretty excellent and is one of the well-regarded Mosrite knock-offs. The trem looks to be a variation of what you'd see on a Jazzmaster, but I can't speak to it's reliability or quality. Mine was loaded up with a Bigsby and roller bridge, so that was a plus. Like I said, the Eastwood I had was a surprisingly nice guitar, hell, I even regret selling it some days.

If you like that "style", you could look into the Dillion, Fullerton, or Wilson Brothers Ventures style guitars. Some of them are hard tail, some are humbuckers, but you may be lucky and find one with the P90s in a lefty, even with a trem.
While I'm here, I'd like to add that I'm also interested in information/experiences involving Dillion and Eastwood. If not mistaken, a lot of Dillions are MIK and Eastwoods are sometimes MIC? I'm just wondering what the quality of craftsmanship is going to be like. There are some absolutely beautiful SG/LP/Tele copies from Dillion and very cool Eastwood guitars at prices low enough to make me doubt the quality of the instruments.
To my knowledge, the Eastwoods are made in both China and Korea. That said, and I don't quite understand all the concern about it, but a guitar made in China does not necessarily mean it will be of poorer quality. I read up extensively on Eastwood and can attest personally to them having the highest quality of customer service I've experienced with a guitar manufacturer. They sent me missing parts for my Airline DLX, free of charge, and threw in a batch of picks to boot. I have good faith in Eastwood and will buy from their line again for sure. I hope that helps put you at ease.
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