Hey guys, I've been a lurker here for a while, probably the best site for tab.
So I've been playing for a couple years now and have mainly been teaching myself besides maybe a dozen lessons 4 years ago. I stopped playing after that so I didn't retain to much info for the lessons. Anyways I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction in my playing. As I have just been learning songs from tab for and learning the e major panitonic(?) scale. When I play I primarily use my index, middle and ring finger and never really learned to use my pinkie finger as much as I probably should.
I'd like to speed up my playing and incorporate my pinkie as much as I can. Can someone suggest some more scales I should be learning and maybe some exercises for increasing speed ( which I know comes with repitition) and a good exercise that uses all the fretting fingers.
Thanks UG forums. I look forwards to being part of this awsome community
The best way to improve your pinky is just use it, if you haven't been using it much yet I can guarantee there are things you do that would probably be better off with the pinky involved.

As for speed there are no exercises for it, you need to do what you do and make sure you do it with really good technique. The exercises make relatively little difference when it comes to that so I suggest you apply the principles of good practice while playing songs you enjoy.
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The way I learned to incorperate my picky into more playing was to force myself to use it in situations where it was more comfortable to play with my 3rd finger.



When I first started out I would have played the notes on the 8th fret with my 3rd finger, but after forcing myself to play it with my pinky I got a lot more finger strength & confidence using the pinky.
Here are my main principles for building speed -

In order to use the pinky effectively, your posture may need to be modified slightly -

And aside from that, normally fingering for guitar falls into "finger per fret". So if a scale falls into a pattern spanning 4 frets, your first finger plays all the ones on the 1st, second finger on the 2nd and so on. Just adopt this for everything you play and your pinky will soon shape up.
Challenge yourself and challenge your pinky! Use it. I make or look for a difficult riff specifically on techniques that I'm not good at just to challenge my mind and fingers. Force yourself. Always look for ways where you are having problems/trouble. When you practice don't stick to parts where you're good at, you can use those for warm ups.
Simply force yourself to use your pinky finger and you will get it eventually.

A great way to do this is to learn the major scale across the entire fretboard. In addition to helping you play correctly over almost any song in Western music and training your ear, it basically requires you to use your pinky to hit certain intervals and play certain shapes. Might as well kill 2-3 birds with one stone.
Thanks for the input! I've watched the videos u posted and have been looking at some scales, ill definitely make sure I'm learning the major scale. I have no clue when it comes to musical theory so maybe I Should look into that too. So cal somebody explain, major scale, so what is the difference say between emaj scale and the amaj scale? I obviously have a lot to learn but I gotta start somewhere. I also examined my technique and I find the problem I have is when I'm not using my pinkie I tense it up instead of leaving it over the strings like I should be. That's obviously a pretty bad habit and I'm hoping learning a few different scales should help with this, unless u guys have any better suggestions! KCCO guys, keep on rockin!