Hi UG.

I've had a lot of free time in the last couple days and I recorded this. I would appreciate it if you would take the time to listen and tell me what you think about it.
I realize it is difficult to hear whats going on from an encoded mp3 on a UG profile, but that's alright. Any and all thoughts and criticism is very much appreciated.

As always, i'll critique you back, promise.

Crystal Walls:

This is really good man, I don't know how to properly critique acoustic rock but I'll try! The vocals are great, good singing voice. The guitars aren't boring and repetitive, it seems there's always something different going on in the background with the main riff which is good! Was this all you? This was very soothing I must say!
Hey Dragulan, thanks for listening and for your thoughts! To answer your question, yes this was all me.
I'll give your tune a listen and your thread a bump
Only thing i can say I dont completely like about this track is the electric guitars...sounds like the electrics werent completely in tune with the acoustics...Either the intonation of the Electric or not tuned up before recording but the Electric parts sound a little flat. BUTTTTTT!!! It was a good track and I enjoyed the Opeth styled vibe to it with nice acoustic playing and soothing Vocals!

C4C Track is called Resilience(Acoustic Instrumental)
The vocals reminded me of bands like Seether and Stone Sour, which normally, I'm not a fan of. But the quality that I heard and that I liked is that it's got a very honest feel, and even with the laid back nature of the song and the lyrics, there's a hint of some roughness and darkness back there, which really fits the mood of the song. I didn't hear the intonation issues mentioned. If I could pick on anything about the guitar lines it would simply be that they aren't particularly innovative, but that's no detriment to the song, as the relaxed feel might be thrown off by getting too adventurous. It's a really nice mix- props on that, as it's a skill I'm still working on.