First, I hope I don't get kicked out of here. My daughter has several nice acoustic guitars, and is saving for a nice electric guitar. She's got a ways to go. She has an inexpensive Kona electric guitar (yes I know it's cheap she got it at a yard sale). The pickup selector switch is bad. She would like to fix it to have something until she can save for something nice, rather than buy another starter guitar, even if better quality.
She has a friend who is willing to fix it and he told us to get a replacement switch. This seems harder than it sounds. Should any switch work? I have a picture of the switch (it is taken apart). The thing that is confusing me is that all of the 5 way replacement switches I see have eight connections and this one has seven. I am also concerned the wiring is different on different switches and the wires need to go in different places.
Any help is appreciated. This is a just for now repair to buy some time to acquire more $$.
also i suggest a fender in her future she can get a used mexican for 300 all day on craigslist or guitar-center. they even have a sale on strats for the end of the model year going on until the end of the month where a new one is only 400
A picture of the top of the switch? I'll try to get something better.
What kind and how many pickups does the guitar have? Also, I assume that is a strat style 5 way? If so any strat style 5 way should work. We can find you a wiring diagram for the traditional 8 lug switches if you tell us the pickup configuration.

As far as the lugs go, the real switches that don't suck usually have 8 lugs, 2 lugs on opposite sides for each position and 2 common lugs, the cheapo switch (like yours) has 2 lugs for each position and 1 common lug, thats where the difference comes in.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
The guitar is a strat style electric with the 5 way pickup switch, but not the Fender style switch since it is a cheapo. The friend offering to help has a lot of experierence repairing acoustics, familiar with electrics and can do some things. He knew what was wrong immediately and what needed to be fixed, but he will need a wiring diagram or some guidance. I have some better pictures of the switch. I really appreciate everyone's help.
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG
Kevin, what do you need to know about the pickup configuration?
Just wanted to say thanks. Got a switch for $9 and her friend re-wired everything with help from the diagram.