Alright, so I really love this kind of music.

Basically, that guy is one who I really like

How would I go about, practicing what, to eventually achieve something like that?

I don't know what kind of techniques to practice, besides fingerpicking, to try and learn this kind of stuff. I'm not too good with theory, but I can understand the basics (I think)

So, what suggestions would you guys have for me? What kinds of techniques should I practice?

Also, if you have tabs/links to tabs for some songs that are similar to this style, that aren't super hard, that would be neat.

anything that you guys have that would help, would be great
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Well, I just watched the first video, but you're looking at "contemporary Latin guitar".
It's generally played on nylon-string instruments, and incorporates elements of classical playing and also Flamenco/folk styles for the strums, rasquedoes, and other similar techniques.

I really like this stuff as well.... But it's an entirely different discipline from the stuff I do.

Dedicate classical lessons would probably not be the best route... As many of the Flamenco and Folk techniques might not be "approved of".
However, most of the fingerings and right-hand technique are related to classical guitar...
So that might be a starting point.
Check out artists like Paco DeLucia as well.