The time has finally come for me to start trying to build my own guitars! I know next to nothing about how to go about it though, so for a start i decided to get a cheap guitar kit to get som experience before i move on to more ambitious projects.

I decided on a matte black finish and I'm nearly done with the black spray. Now i need something to seal it in, but i have no idea of what to use and i need some tips.

Should i go for a clear satin laquer or would it make sense to use some for of varnish? What would produce the most durable finish while still retaining that beatiful matte black colour?
Any lacquer would do then, if I'm not mistaken. I would get a matte clear to spray on it.
Not to state the obvious but you should test whether the two are compatible on scrap first. you not not want to have to deal with incompatibility issues.
Of course, though it seems I'm going for one by the same producer and brand, so i doubt that will be an issue.