Morning people!

For a school assignment I have to replace the background music for an advert with music of an unsigned band. The music has to suit the advert (Baileys cream with spirit - see link below)

I am having trouble finding suitable music for the ad. If you can recommend a song (can be your own) then please let me know. As I said it is for a school assignment, so I won't be pinching your tunes

i had to do that too but i kinda missed out on doing it because of business at home so sorry cant help you
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TS can you actually use music by old composers such as Bach etc? They were unsigned right? And I don't think that there are any copyrights on their music (at least not in my country)
Or maybe you don't even have to dig that far, I think pre WWII bands were unsigned too. You might use some cool Jazz artists such as Django reinhardt etc

Unless it really has to be a contemporary band..
Thnx for the suggestions, will take note of them!!

Sputnik, interesting question and I like your idea! I should have given more information, because it needs to be a band/artist that is still about. Thanks for the suggestion anyways