I bought an old cheapo strat to practise setting up guitars, however I can't get it quite right.

I've bought a book that talks you through it, but I still get string buzzing. I'm also noticing that the string stops ringing when I bend the strings up because the string will end up touching the fret due to the curvature of the neck.

Anyway, does anyone have any tips on where to go from here? Is there a certain order of doing things or certain things that can be tried to get the guitar set up correctly?

Or could it be just that the guitar is so crap that I might never get it set up right?

Thanks in advance.
Have you tried adding a little more relief to the neck and/or raising the action a bit?

Sometime you can just have dodgy fretwork and that can cause problems. If its just one fret that is too low it might be worth having a tech fix it, otherwise getting fretwork done to a squier is probably a waste of time.
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