I've heard nothing but good things about the S6, but one thing keeps me from getting it. Can it handle strumming? I know Cedar tends to not handle it as well as Spruce, that's why I'm asking. I play a lot of Tim McGraw stuff, and sometimes strum decently hard. Would the Cedar kill that?
seagull makes several s6 models. if you're talking about the original s6, mine handled strumming for me well. there's no way to know for sure that i strum as hard as you do, but i didn't hold back, and it also stood up to my husband and his pick.

there's also a spruce topped s6, the coastline s6 spruce. i didn't like it quite as well as the original s6, but it's a good guitar and some people love it.
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i have an s6 slim with cedar/cherry. it's a very passable strummer. i'm(trying.. i attack everything headfirst and with judicious malice) learning to strum lighter than normal but my usual attack works well with the S6.
I don't think the cedar top is necessarily the most important factor in strumming. I have 2 cedar tops and I feel the shape of the guitar has more of an effect. My cedar top classical strums beautifully, it's my go to guitar in general because it's the most versatile, although not as loud as a dreadnought or a Jumbo (obviously). On the other hand I have a parlour sized cedar top that I wouldn't even consider strumming with, both are solid tops.

No opinion is going to compare to simply playing a guitar, and if it's Tim McGraw you like to play, go nuts on an S6 in a shop to your favourite Tim McGraw song and play like no one's around.

Too many people go into shops and play like they're scared to make noise, especially on larger guitars, but that's exactly what you're going to do when you're home or performing. When I bought the A&L Ami model (parlour) I was expecting a good blues guitar and I wasn't let down, but the second I start strumming I feel like I'm playing... a parlour sized guitar.