I tried some new mics on this one. The Sennheiser E609 means that I think my SM57 might be gathering a bit of dust. The Rode NTA1 I picked up is a definite improvement over what I've been using. I'm still not particularly happy with the sound of my voice- I find it kind of abrasive- but I'm not sure if that's just because I'm listening to myself. Especially with vocals, I find it hard to be an objective judge of my own work :/

If you'd like me to critique your work, I just kindly ask that you leave a link to the thread.


You don't have to worry about your voice, I really liked it! I think the song should be shortened a tad as I think it goes on too long without variety, thats just a my preference thing so others may disagree.

I liked the fade in at the start but I think the effect your using should be toned down a bit as I cant really hear your playing as much as I'd like.

Over all I think this song has great potential! Nice work.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the input. On further listening, I agree about shortening it up- possibly cutting the transitions between verses to half length. I was debating bumping the second chorus up an octave and really belting it out, but shied away from it because it's something that's become a habit in my previous songwriting.

Gar, did you have any material you wanted me to check out? I didn't see any on the first page or so. If you do, if you could give me a link that'd be helpful.
I can tell you're shy about your vocals, turn em up in the mix man! We want to hear you and you sound great!

I'd also play around with your panning on the electric guitar. Once the vocal comes in and both your instruments are panned dead center they start to fight a little bit to be heard.

As it is, this is a nice idea, it'd be very cool to see it fleshed out if that's your intention

I'd love it if you'd check mine out:

Hmm, I've never really noticed anything major with using different mics. At least any demos I record at home I just use whatever mic and then force everything together on Reaper. Nice to know that there are people interested in the workings of different mic, tho.

Nice sort of rain-like feeling to the song. Not a thunderous rain, just a soft, warm, and wet summer rain. Just gives me the same feeling. Funny thing about singers, I usually listen the melody and voice more than the lyrics. And I've no complains about your delivery. Very nice, actually!

Tonally the guitar and singing are quite far apart. Other one is bright and brilliat and the other is dusty and gloomy. I wish there was something the bridge them together. Maybe piano, harmonica etc. Or just fiddling with the gtr tone? Anyways... it's not bad, just noticed as I listened.

C4C? Pick out anything from my page and comment there, thanks!
The recording sounds quite nice man. I have an ennheiser E609 and love it! Well I love my Shure Sm57 too but it's nice to have both. The vocals are like a fine wine. I really like them. They're smooth but powerful. The melodic line catchy. My only suggestion is to turn up the vox a little. It is kinda difficult to hear over the guitar (which sounds great also) Overall I really don't have anything negative to say. You did a great job on this. Look forward to hearing more stuff from you in the future.

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Thanks, Kevin
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