Currently have tree of life inlays that are white. How hard would it be to put green in instead? Or would a sticker be a better option?
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Very, very hard...
you would have to re rout every single piece and put new ones in. Just go for sticker.

That seems to be everyone's thoughts. Thanks for the input.
I priced a tree of life for one im building. £50 was the cheapest i found. Then id have to rout a blank neck for it, which it slightly beyond my skill level. No local luthier would do it for less than £100.

Try some green stain...
stain is usless, stickers will come off. Green sharpie anyone?
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I think im gonna go with green stickers. They supposedly last for two years or so. and theyre only $20. alot cheaper than a new neck or new inlays. :P My problem is, I dont know how hard they are to remove once theyre on.. What if they start to come off in spots, and i cant get all of them off? Then im left with half green, half pearl inlays....