I've taken to listening to these.

Post a backing track and also; If you know, post what key it's in.


All the ones I've found are in Eb.


I'm not really used to listening to these with out me playing along.

Please, post what key the backing track you like is in, if not, you're a douche.
I know there are a lot of Metallica ones. From what I understand, people figured out how to rip the individual tracks from Guitar Hero and Rock Band and re-mixed them together sans guitar, or vocals or whatever.

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Bad backing tracks suck. I can remember a while back trying to play along with a Fat Lip backing track that the creator jumped like a beat and a half between the into and the first verse.
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Don't like these, prefer backing tracks that are made to improvise to, not popular songs with lead parts cut out.

Am dissapoint, son.
Tuning isn't the same as a key.
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Yeah, there are loads of great ones ripped from GH and RB. The best things about those games to be honest haha (apart from drunk parties).

There are some really really bad ones around though.

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