I've been thinking about getting a vibrato pedal, I'm trying to get a nice country tone for this one band I've been working with. I can do a pretty nice vibrato just with my hands, but wringing the shit out of the strings on every chord is getting annoying. I've been looking in the $75-150 range and the yellow Malekko Heavy Industries vibe pedal sounds amazing, at least on youtube. My issue is currently I'm using my Boss Chorus Ensemble pedal (the baby-blue one) and I've got it queued up for an almost vibe-like tone. The other guys in the band seem to think the Boss sound ok for what we're doing, but I'm not sold on the tone I'm getting from it, it sounds more like a hammond or wurlitzer to me.

Anyone totally in love with their vibe pedal and want to recc' one to me? Or anyone that owns the Malekko product?
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