Is it normal to Anchor your right hand while picking and if so ive seen it done 2 ways...Ive seen a very good 40 year player rest his hand on the bridge area an pick but it seems more natural for me to anchor my pinkie on the Pick guard..Fairly new an can use any advice..Acoustic guitar btw.Thanks
Its better non ancoring because when you anchor your pinky on body of guitar,your right hand tensens up.It is easier to pick a string ,but it is not good because tension in right hand.Non anchoring is a little bit hard but when you use for a while non anchoring,you will be much faster because your right hand is relax and you will get more control.This is my opinion,but you do what is best for you to play better.Try non anchoring for a while ,then ancoring then you will see what is best for you.
Sorry for my bad english,I hope I helped
To be perfectly honest, you need to do what is most comfortable. A lot of great players anchor their hands, (Neil Schonn from Journey comes to mind), and then I've seen a lot of great players float their hand (Al Di Meola). I think as long as you're relaxed, you should be ok.
There is also a difference between anchoring and lightly touching the guitar. Anchoring is where you lock your finger in a place and use it as pivot point while picking. Generally considered a minor bad habit, but some great guitarists do it anyway.

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All depends if you want correct technique or not, the correct way would be to not anchor
As an ex Anchor-er i would say try to avoid it
you can always play through any bad habit and make the best of it.
but just because a few famous guitarists anchor dont make it the right way
they have spent hours aday to work through the bad habit.
saying that i ahave heard a lot of classical guitar teaches will advise to anchor
at least to start with.
thems my opinios anyway.
But this goes up to 11