I just bought a set of gfs vintage wound 59 pickups for my strat and installed them. The problem is, the neck pickup is really bright, and has almost no bass. The middle pickup is fuller and bassier. I made sure i didnt make a mistake wiring (because i tried some new-funky tone wireup) and its all wired correctly, any chance you guys can help diagnose where i went wrong? Hell, even the bridge pickup has more bass than the neck pickup. I don't mind the sound, but its not what i wanted, its really thin and almost nasally..
Did you adjust pickup height?

Do you really not mix up the neck and bridge PU in your post?

Did you accidently wire the switch the wrong way around?
Get a screwdriver (or some metal object), switch to a pickup and touch the coils with the screwdriver. You should hear which one is actually selected.
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Switch the hot wire with the ground wire
on the neck pickup and see if that fixes it.

I serious. This happens all the time when
swapping pups.

It only takes a few minutes if you got the
strings off,