Hey, I have an amp but it just stopped working. It's a crappy little yamaha amp and it's not worth getting repaired. I want to buy a new amp but I don't have the thousands of dollars to dish out plus i live in a shared apartment and i don't have much room here. So i had seen these little boxes about the size of an iphone/galaxy to a tablet that kinda simulate an amp + connect to my computer which also can record. But i have no idea which one to get or anything about them. If anybody could help, it would be awesome, thanks !
Read the interfaces sticky in the recordings forum. Loads of recommendations there, and there's also a sticky over there for the VSTs you'll need as well.
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You could get a Multi-FX like Pod 2.0 or Korg Pandora. If you really want to use the phone versions, they lack much power etc. I'd go with Amplitube iRig if you had to get.

Thanks for the reply on my post - not really - Hope this helps