I'm going to be flying to the east coast of Canada this summer and I'm bringing all my equipment sans guitars with me. I'll be bringing my laptop, recording interface, alllll the cables, a few mics, a bunch of pedals etc and I'm wondering if I just declare it all when I check in my luggage and take out the batteries and stuff or if they're going to want to look at all of them individually.

It's probably a stupid question but I've never traveled with any electronic equipment besides what I can fit in my pocket, but if I can't personally go through every item with my carry on if need be, I'm kind of worried about any luggage that leaves my hands.
I don't think you need to declare everything. If you're taking everything in your hand baggage, they'll probably ask you to take everything out and ask you what it is, but if it's cabin baggage, it's all good.

I put my interface and my hard drives in my laptop bag, and I always have to take them out and all the cables. It's a pain.

It all depends on the airline, really. This one time, I was asked to unstring my guitar, because they thought I'd strangle someone with the strings. I almost asked them if I should remove my belt and cut off my hands too. Long story short, I told them that I would be too lazy to make the effort to unstring my guitar, and then strangle someone, so they let me go.
This is strange, but you can always mail your musical equipment to yourself. All you have to do is pay for the shipping, plus it arrives in a few days so you can beat your luggage to a race.
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Why would you wanna come to the East Coast? Also which province will you be in?

A buddy I went to high school with in Ontario now lives in Halifax, and I also have some friends out there from touring with a band I was in last year. Me and said buddy have a few songs we want to record, and I want to get as close to the tone I have at home as possible without bringing my guitars.

Also Rush July 12.
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