Hey lovely people,

Has been a while since my last post... Been currently busy setting up my own custom guitar company. (Based in the midlands, UK if anyone is interested !)

Just came to ask a bit of advice. We are currently struggling with details and sourcing of router bits for cavity work (truss rod/electronics etc).

I mean I know we can do a hell of a lot by hand however, we have some nice machinery we will allow for extreme accuracy whilst saving a mountain of time !!

What have you guys been doing as regards to your cavity work ?
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^This. They're pretty readily available online or there's a nice big Axminster Tool Store in Nuneaton. Unless you have a CNC machine of course.

Forgive me if this sounds a little rude, but isn't this rather a basic question for someone who's setting up their own business? Makes me think we may have misinterpreted the question.

Best of luck with the new venture though.