Hey guys,

My band released a song off our upcoming EP and we're just trying to spread it and get some feedback on it. We self produced it at my studio. Let us know what you think!

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It's good, Hearing a massive TesseracT influence.

I would say a little too much actually. This song is pretty identical to "Acceptance - Concealing Fate, Pt. One". I still like it, it's just after listening to the first 2 minutes it was just too much to not mention.

Had some really nice grooves and the solo was pretty top notch
Thanks man! We definitely draw a strong influence from TesseracT, particularly the ups and downs from heavy to clean breaks throughout the songs.
Nice song
on the first 2 minutes it got a little boring but after that i realy enjoyed it.
the solo is realy cool and melodic i realy liked that.

Btw. is there a reason that you guys don't have vocals? I would love to hear this song with some cool vocals :P

anyway i realy liked this song so far