There's one of these floating around on my local CL for $200. It's in pretty rough shape, but according to the add, it works and the tubes are relatively new.

I read that this is pretty much a JCM 800, but a lot of review said that they have a brightness issue.

Would it be a good idea to jump on this?
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that's a really good deal. I've never played one but the ones I see in my area (2 or 3 so far) run at least $500.
seems suspiciously low to me.

edit: that's for the newer model. like most peaveys there was an older model by the same name.
I know nothing about those.
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It's definately got to be an older one, some of the corners on it have rusted, so it definately has some age.

Thanks for the reply though!
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Prestige RG2027X with Bare Knuckle Aftermaths
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They're similar to a 2203 but with enough differences in the circuit to make them sound different. Not too hard to convert it to 2203 specs electronically. It's quite certainly based on it.
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I would grab it although its probably stolen.
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I would buy it. In the worst case scenario, you won't like it and you will sell it for a normal price and make some profit.
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Aw yeah.
Old Peaveys are the bomb. If you are looking for a Marshall-alike, it's a good grab.
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Yes the original 1980's Butcher is very close to a JCM 800. They are good amps if that is the sound you want.

I prefer the Peavey VTM over the Butcher, but only because the VTM is basically a hotroded Butcher
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I haven't seen a Butcher in a long time, the old model anyways. $200 actually seems a little high for it to be honest, it's successor was the VTM (which smoked 'em in every way) and they go for around $300 for a mint one. VTM's is one of my favorite amps of all time and sound phenomenal for the price, check out Baroness's first two albums to hear one in action. Those albums were recorded almost entirely with a VTM.

Butchers are nice amps though, I would try to get it for $150 or trade some little gear for it. If you like balls out Marshalls you'll enjoy the Butcher.
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