A little bit of background: The Stunning were an Irish post-punk band from the early 90's with heavy traditional influences due to their rural upbringing. After becoming huge stars in Ireland due to the success of singles such as Brewing Up a Storm, The Girl with the Curl and the overall success of their debut album, Paradise in the Picturehouse, an American tour was announced. Unfortunately, the Stunning emptied their coffers at the same time Nirvana released Nevermind. Having missed their shot at international fame, the Stunning retreated to Ireland, releasing another album before dissolving.

TL;DR: The tab already posted up on UG is simply a copy of the one on their website website, and misses the lead guitar lick (which I think makes the song). I can't seem to tab it myself, but it's probably based on some scale or other.

Youtube Link: [forbidden link] Just look it up, it's the fist one, ~41,000 views, by 101watts
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