Im looking for a new acoustic around the 200-250 mark but can stretch to £300.

I want something that is easy to play (low action)and has a nice range of bass and high's.

Any recommendations would be beneficial!

i have very rarely found a guitar in this price range - or any other - with low action. try the yamaha fg730 and the seagull original s6 and see what you think, then pay a luthier (not some half-assed store tech) to do a setup and lower your action.
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Any of the Yamaha FG range are within your budget and, depending what tones you're looking for, you have a choice of rosewood, sycamore or mahogany back and sides. Bear in mind that the FG700MS, FG700S and FG720S are essentially the same guitar, except that the 720 has more in the way of cosmetic binding, with the 700MS having a satin, rather than gloss, finish.

I own an FG700S and the more expensive LL6. Both, crucially, have solid spruce tops and are excellent instruments. Ignore all the 'cheap' comments and use your ears to judge. As for playability all guitars arrive in stores with a generic factory setup which is unlikely to suit everyone. Every guitar I have bought, cheap or expensive, has needed a setup to my requirements, and most shops will include an initial setup when you buy it. Just tell them how you like your action.
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as you are based in the UK, go for Farida! You really can't go wrong with those!
Look for a D-32E!
ibanez 240ac.

Great look, has a great bluesy bass sound, perfect for playing Eric Clapton (of course part of this sound is due to the strings), and the sound actually gets better with time, due to the natural wood it is made out of. Fairly low action, and oh man, you just gotta try it out, the sound is great. I bought mine for £200, but it's normally worth £240-250
If you don't mind buying used keep a look out for some of the higher end Tanglewood's - the TW15's are all solid wood and really well made....